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See Article History The Sweet Hereafter, Canadian dramatic film, released inabout a lawyer Ian Holm who comes to a small town to sign clients for a lawsuit after a school bus accident. The Sweet Hereafter was nominated for 16 Genie Awards and won eight, including best picture, director, and actor Holm.

The sweethere after

Still, the nonlinear storytelling techniques and troublesome central character and performance will make the film problematic for mainstream audiences. Pic will likely perform robustly in territories where the director is well-known, such as Canada and France, but Fine Line will The sweethere after to work hard to introduce Egoyan to a wider public in the U.

More Reviews TV Review: In the novel, several key characters narrate their own chapters, a structure that could have been difficult to render cinematically.

The narrative still jumps around among various residents of the town, but Egoyan has turned Mitchell Stephens Ian Holm into the central character.

From the first scene, it is clear that Stephens has also lost a child — in his case, to drugs. He has an angry latenight confrontation with the lawyer and later goes to visit the Burnells in an effort to dissuade them from pursuing the legal crusade.

Images of the yellow bus disappearing into the ice-covered lake off the side of the road come about an hour into the action, and the story leaps from pre-crash to post-crash to two years later with dizzying frequency.

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The climactic scene with Nicole, her father and Stephens, in which the teenager recounts her memories of the accident in a legal deposition, is stirring precisely because the emotions are not fully articulated, just as her motivations for testifying as she does are left unstated.

The pic grapples with all kinds of tough issues — how to deal with the loss of family and friends, profiting from tragedy, the disappearance of community — and one of its strengths is that it provides no easy answers.

All the characters are wading in the same morally ambiguous waters. And his relationship with his junkie daughter is one of the few less-than-original strands in the pic.

Polley and McCamus are excellent, conveying a wide emotional range with minimal dialogue. Lenser Paul Sarossy contrasts tight interiors with wide, flowing outdoor shots, including a number of sweeping aerial sequences, most notably in the scenes showing the bus rolling down the snowy road that fateful morning.

The wintry, mountainous B. Composer Mychael Danna uses a wide variety of instruments, including lutes, recorders and cello, to create a strange tapestry that sounds like a mournful, acoustic take on South American folk music. The Sweet Hereafter Canadian Production: A Fine Line Films release in U.

Alliance Independent Films, Toronto.

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Produced by Atom Egoyan, Camelia Frieberg. Executive producers, Robert Lantos, Andras Hamori. Reviewed at Cannes Film Festival competingMay 14, One hour, 50 min.That is part of the theme of Banks' superb book, "The Sweet Hereafter." The main part goes deeper.

Communities form to contain and manage the larger kinds of catastrophe. Unmanageable catastrophe can kill or cripple them. Sam Dent survives, but some of its belief in itself is torn away.

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The sweethere after

Get unlimited DVD Movies & TV Shows delivered to your door . The Sweet Hereafter reminds us of how others hold our feet to the fire. A school district's buses are its greatest liability.

A school district's buses are its greatest liability. And the school bus driver is the only person in the school day with life-and-death responsibility. THE SWEET HEREAFTER is a skillfully executed movie that presents a relentlessly melancholy vision of family tragedy, sexual sin and loss.

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Although it appears to validate several important moral principles, it offers no spiritual, moral or theological solutions about how to truly cope with or move beyond such tragedy, sin and loss.

Tags for The Sweet Hereafter Alberta Watson, Arsinée Khanjian, Caerthan Banks, Earl Pastko, Gabrielle Rose, Ian Holm, Kirsten Kieferle, Maury Chaykin, Sarah Polley, Stephanie Morgenstern, Tom McCamus New Movies () Black Panther. Similar Movies. The Big Bang Theory S06E Dec 23,  · In “The Sweet Hereafter,” an important character is a teenage girl who loses the use of her legs in the accident; she survives, but seems unwilling to accept the life left for her.

Egoyan is a director whose films coil through time and double back to take a 4/4.

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