The role played by wheather

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The role played by wheather

A glossary of terms is provided at the end of the document. What is water temperature?

The role played by wheather

Temperature is the measurement of heat in a material and is related to the motion of the particles that make up the material. Many physical properties of materials depend on temperature, including phase solid, liquid or gasdensity, and solubility.

Temperature is one of the more important parameters collected with water-quality data because data such as conductivity, pH, and dissolved oxygen concentrations are dependent upon water temperatures. Temperature also plays an important role in biology by determining the rate of biochemical reactions.

Aquatic organisms have a range of water temperatures in which they function best. Outside this range, organisms do not function as well. Organisms also have upper and lower temperature tolerances that are incompatible with life. How is water temperature measured? Many methods have been developed for measuring temperature.

Thermometers and thermistors are used most frequently to measure the temperature of liquids such as sea water. Water temperature is easily measured using a thermometer.

A thermometer contains a liquid that expands as its heat increases and contracts as its heat decreases. Therefore, the length of the liquid in the thermometer's tube varies with temperature. Temperature is determined by observing the length of the liquid and reading the calibrated scale printed on the side of the thermometer.

One type of thermometer is the maximum and minimum max-min thermometer that records the highest and lowest temperatures during a given time and is a simple method by which to determine the extremes of temperature at a given location.

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The thermometer consists of a U-shaped tube filled with mercury. One arm contains alcohol and records the minimum temperature; the other arm conains a vacuum and records the maximum temperature reached.

As the mercury is pushed around the tube by the expansion or contraction of the alcholol, it pushes two small markers that record the furtherest point reached by the mercury in each arm of the tube.

The markers are reset by gravity or with a small magnet.

What is water temperature?

A thermistor is a temperature-sensitive electrical resistor; when water temperature changes, the resistance of the thermistor changes in a predictable way, allowing for temperature to be measured. Monitoring probes, installed at several lease areas in Florida, contain thermistors that measure water temperature see http: Several temperature scales are in use.

Throughout most of the world, and the entire scientific world, the Celsius scale is used for measuring temperature.

However, people in the United States are most familiar with and use the Fahrenheit scale. Celsius and Fahrenheit measurements can be converted using Equations 1 and 2.Nov 29,  · Weather played a role in the tragic fires that have destroyed much of Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Here's an explanation. The Navy gives the Weather Bureau 25 surplus aircraft radars to be modified for ground meteorological use, marking the start of a weather radar system in the U.S. Navy aerologists play key role as U.S. carrier-based Navy planes decimate Japanese fleet in mid-Pacific Battle of Midway Island in early June , turning point in World War II.

Weather plays a tremendous role in The Great Gatsby as it relates to dictating the tone and also symbolizes the action. For example, in chapter 5 when Gatsby is set to meet Daisy at Nick's cottage.

The Role Weather Plays in Frankenstein How does weather affect the mood of the book Frankenstein? When Victor, the main character, was young he watched a thunderstorm one night which got him in interested in natural philosophies.

The vast majority of the time, if the air temperature is above freezing, then icing won’t be an issue.


There are times, however, that it’s not quite that simple. Weather Played Role in Colorado Glider Crash That Killed 2 The decision to fly near clouds and rain showers played a role in a motorized glider crash that killed two men in Telluride.

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