The problem of prison overcrowding in canada

Some of the worst overcrowding rates are in Toronto, Windsor, London, and Niagara regions which have been chronically overcrowded for many years. Typically those detained in provincial jails are awaiting bail or trials, or they are serving shorter sentences less than two years. This has created an enormous strain on the prison system, with the practice of overcrowded cells becoming very common.

The problem of prison overcrowding in canada

Overcrowded jails cause problems inside Canadian correctional system More Everybody stop committing crimes, we are running out of places to put you. New details suggest that half of Ontario's jails are overcrowded and holding more prisoners than they were designed for.

On top of that, recent figures outline an issue of overcrowding across Canada's federal prison system as well, with an influx of new inmates likely to put further strain of the system.

The Canadian Press reports 14 of Ontario's 29 jails were at more than per cent capacity, while the system overall sat at Among the most packed institutions are Toronto's Don Jail at per cent, the Windsor Jail at per cent and London Jail at per cent.

But the issue of prison overcrowding is by no means limited to Ontario jails. Last year, Canada's prison population reached an all-time high. As of July 31,there were 15, inmates in federal prisons. A report on prison overcrowding from that year suggested 1, new inmates had entered the system without beds to put them in, leading to a practice of sharing single cells known as double bunking.

A recent report from the Union of Canadian Correctional Services Officers suggested that prison overcrowding will become a national issue over the next few years. By Marchthe report suggested, the national penitentiary population would be 18, The report further called out the act of double bunking as unsafe and likely to lead to dangerous conditions for correctional workers.

Double Bunking is an unsafe, ineffective means by which to address a population management, and will inevitably prove problematic for correctional officers, correctional staff, offenders, CSC and, finally, the general public. The report notes that, as the ratio of correctional-workers-to-inmates decreases, the prevalence of sexual violence inside prisons increases.

Overcrowding also leads to less predictable behaviour by inmates, increased demand and decay of the infrastructure and substantial mental strain for those incarcerated and those working in the facility.

Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro pleads guilty ] The good news is that Statistics Canada reports a decrease in both criminal activity and the severity of criminal activity across the country. The crime rate reached its lowest point since and the "Crime Severity Index" dropped for the third straight year.

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And the expansion and construction of new jails should help us lock up more people with somewhat more comfort. Although recent Conservative bills have increased prison sentence lengths, so it is all a bit of a balancing act. Perhaps it is time to consider introducing some alternatives to prison sentences, or perhaps people could continue committing fewer crimes until overcrowded jails is no longer an issue.Toll-Free US & Canada 24/7: home why us pricing faq contact us.

Repair Through Refining: Systems to End Prison Overcrowding Introduction. To view the problem of prison overcrowding as a distinct or separate issue within the criminal justice system is to ignore its vast effect.

The problem of prison overcrowding in canada

Overcrowding in prisons is by no means an . Driving Forces.

The problem of prison overcrowding in canada

At the heart of the jail overcrowding problem is the combination of rising crime rates with a growing national population. Research also shows that as the national economy declines, crime rates and the incidence of alcohol-related crime also increase.

That aboriginal youth in Canada are more likely to go to prison than to graduate from high school exemplifies this brutal reality.

It is this same system that endangers the safety of inmates, prison guards, and other prison workers due to overcrowding and deteriorating conditions in the prisons. investigating Canada’s correctional system, reported in that overcrowding in federal penitentiaries was a matter of grave concern and had been, for a number of years, an ever present problem.

Prison overcrowding has been a problem in the U.S. recently at the local, state, and federal levels. One of the reasons that prison overcrowding has become such a problem is because of policies such as mandatory prison sentences for violent and non-violent offenders.

The new Canadian government has a lot of work to do according to Canada's prison watchdog, who says delays in prison release and overcrowding are still major issues.

Reforms to the federal.

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