Nursing care plan and specimens essay

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Nursing care plan and specimens essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Key healthcare directors have contributed to this plan. The following pages of this proposal contain their ideas and touch on the following considerations for the planning of this new facility: The specific department services provided 2.

How nursing care center services coordinate with the services the hospital provides 3. How nursing care center departments interact and coordinate with each other to provide efficient and effective care 4. Potential grants to assist with funding the nursing care center project 5.

How departments demonstrate consideration and application of the nursing care center code of ethics Executive Summary The nursing staff at Riverview Skilled Care Facility will ensure that the nursing home area is free from accident hazards and risks and will provide supervision to prevent avoidable accidents.

The nursing staff will encourage residents to exercise independence, but the nursing director will gladly assist with, and supervise, everyday life activities as needed.

At Riverview Skilled Care Facility the nursing staff will practice and stand by its mission and code of ethics. The nursing director will also abide by the FEMA guidelines, state laws, regulations and guidelines from the Department of Health Services.

The DON and nurse staff will work in collaboration with the physical and occupational therapy department director, laboratory director and information technology director to provide the facility and the staff with the latest forms of technology, equipment and training programs to enhance the quality of care for the residents.

Additionally, a well-defined laboratory structure must be established, which identifies key management and technical roles and responsibilities at each level, and establishes a functional laboratory network and referral system.

The laboratory network should include a disease monitoring and response system. Some standards for competence are as follows, essential infrastructure, equipment, tests and techniques should be established for laboratories at each level of the lab.

Infrastructure of appropriate size is needed, location, and with essential utilities, to provide a safe environment for workers, patients and visitors. The establishments required competency for staff each level of laboratory throughout the network.

Availability of standard operating procedures SOPs in every laboratory for transportation of specimens, use of equipment, test procedures, reporting formats and guides to interpretation, including normal reference ranges for precise results. Provision of up-to-date inventories to all laboratory users of the available tests, their indications and limitations, costs and types of specimens required.

Constant review of the cost-effectiveness and budget are recommended standards. The facility will utilize the physical therapy department in areas of home health care, out-patient and inpatient rehabilitation services, hospice care, and long-term and short-term residential care.

An interdisciplinary approach will be used to facilitate creative recreational activities and personal physical therapy services to enhance optimal, comprehensive patient care.

The physical therapy department will be a model of efficiency, profitability and compassion while producing positive patient outcomes. Finally, the purpose of the Medical Information Technology Director would be to ensure that the MIT department would be to make sure that Riverview Hospital Nursing Care Center has the state of the art of when it comes to technology.

The Physician, Physicians Assistants and nurses would have full detail training on the hand held devices and EMR to ensure the patient privacy.

Nursing care plan and specimens essay

Not only would the Medical Information Technology department offer different types of training but it would offer ongoing training. Mission Statement Riverview Hospital Nursing Care Center will provide personalized, compassionate and professional care for patients who reside in our long-term and short-term facility while offering outstanding outpatient rehabilitation care services, hospice, and home health care services to our community.

We will work as a team to enhance the best medical and personal care possible. Our doors are open to everyone, without discrimination of any kind, with kind and discreet professionals waiting to assist you.

The board of directors and officers will provide a code of ethics that encompasses full disclosure of all non-competitive information. We will provide compassionate and comprehensive care by using an interdisciplinary approach and by utilizing the most cost-effective method of treatment.

We will comply with the strictest interpretation of the law. We will be accredited by the Joint Commission, and will be prepared for emergencies by following the Joint Commission, FEMA and other emergency management guidelines in order to protect our patients, community and employees.

We will protect confidentiality of the organization, employees and patients. We will not accept or give gifts that are in conflict of any interest.

Nursing Care Center | Essay Example

We will provide a safe workplace for our employees and a safe environment for our patients and residents. We will adhere to Human Resource guidelines and Civil Laws toward our employees.Hawaii's source for local news headlines.

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Nursing care plan and specimens essay

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