Marketing plan for covergirl philippines

The new product is a long designer pocket shirt for women.

Marketing plan for covergirl philippines

I often get asked to conduct e-commerce workshops to assist participants in developing an e-commerce or e-business project plan for their organizations. What disappoints me though is when one person gets send to this type of training and most likely the IT manager or chief technology officer of the company.

I hope that more companies should realize that IT people are only playing a support Marketing plan for covergirl philippines. The success and viability of an e-commerce project is not their main responsibility.

With the boom of the Internet and e-commerce, the pressure is on for companies and government to come up with a website. With presence, they can claim that they are a player in the Internet economy. The intent of this article is to give you some basic steps in the development of an e-commerce project plan.

Workshop Project team members and stakeholders should be given a hands-on training experience as to what e-commerce is all about. Giving them the feel of an e-commerce user will make them sensitive as to what is user-friendly and not.

Making them knowledgeable on e-commerce merchant tools for website management, online payment management, Internet marketing, and Internet advertising is important so that the process and work involve will not be underestimated. Afterwards, they have the pre-requisite knowledge in place to go through the e-commerce project planning process.

Customer Needs Due diligence must be made in order to find out what your customers needs are and see if coming up with an e-commerce solution can resolve it. E-commerce is not an end-all be-all answer. It can be a component of the process change that you have to undertake, to serve customers better.

Users and Stakeholders Your users or customers must be properly identified and profiled. How Internet-savvy are they? What values and features that are most important to them? Understanding this will help you craft the features needed by the e-commerce project, training needed, and buy-in to the project.

Marketing plan for covergirl philippines

It does not have to be revolutionary, but great enough, to meet customer needs and take advantage of the capabilities of this new medium. At the minimum, it should serve as an additional means for departments to achieve their strategic plans. Affected departments should contribute and consider themselves as project co-owners or stakeholders.

Features List down the features that your e-commerce project shall have based on your assessment of customer needs. Each feature should be traceable to it. A feature should be detailed enough that you can have a way to validate or test it, once done. They will be able to add, edit, and delete products in the catalogue.

This way project stakeholders will be aware of what they can possibly gain that will be worth the investment needed.

The success criteria must be measurable, specific, and time-bound. Project Risks Recognition of risks must be made by all project stakeholders in order to make it visible to everyone, that failure is not far from happening. Failure possibilities can be cited, what can possibly trigger it, the consequences, and how to mitigate it should be defined.

A risk that is evident now is considered a problem. Content Plan Prototype, site map, content plan are created in coming up with an e-commerce project. Make sure that each component has a stakeholder or user assigned to it.

In addition, it should state content update process and commitment. On the user-interface design side, the behavior of the site must be very clear. Categories, subcategories, search engine actions are planned out. At the end of the day, it must be able to achieve what the company wants its e-commerce site visitor to do.BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard.

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The new product is a long designer pocket shirt for women.

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