Dse212 tma02

Chapter 7-Are you paying attention? Righto folks, as promised onto the next chapter.

Dse212 tma02

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It is fairly simple, and works on the basis that you have done or will do points at those levels, as seems to generally be the case. In some cases modules are compulsory and it seems that the classification will always use these modules first and foremost.

So if you have done extra modules ie gained more than points at a certain level then please ensure the calculator is including the compulsory modules even if they have a lower grade. Otherwise you may need to leave out the extra modules to get the correct calculation — the calculator has no way of knowing which modules were compulsory.

Please note that none of the details you enter are sent back to me or saved anywhere — all the calculations are done by the web page on your pc. I had previously linked to the OU's own "qualification planner", which has now been discontinued].

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Using this calculator might also give you an insight into how you could improve your classification. On some degrees certain modules cannot be counted towards the degree classification.

If this is true of your degree do not enter those modules. You can use the following worked example buttons to see pre-entered examples. This is entirely unofficial.

While I have done my best to ensure it works, it may well calculate your classification wrongly under some circumstances. No responsibility can be taken for any misunderstandings or inconvenience caused.

There are a couple of instances where people have got different grades to the predictions see comments. I think they can be explained by complications like transferred credit and compulsory modules — read the instructions!

Update regarding transferred in credit: There has previously been a suggestion — which I shared — that transferred credit was always treated as distinction grade. This turns out NOT to be the case. To be honest it was a bit optimistic. More information in the comments from July Dse essays.

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TMA02 is a choice of two questions – one being on Chapter 2, about evolutionary psychology. I have read this chapter already, and if I didn’t care much for identity god knows what sort of . Home > DSE Exploring Psychology.

Question: TMA02 Part 1 Option B The case of Phineas Gage is one of the most cited in biological psychology. Explain what we can learn about the relationship between brain and behaviour from this and similar cases and describe techniques used by biological psychologists that can supplement our knowledge of this relationship.

Jul 02,  · Dse Tma1 issues referred to in chapter 1 in the course material (Mapping psychology, DSE) with a particular example of disability issues.

Dse212 tma02

Free Essays on Dse Tma Search. DSE TMA02 DSE TMA02 Part 1 Compare and contrast how content analysis and ethnographic research have been used to study children’s understanding of friendship.

The subject of Children’s friendships has been analysed by a number of researchers and psychologists. Because it is a very complex. dse tma02 Describe the different types of evidence used in evolutionary psychology and explain why evolutionary psychology needs to use a multi-method approach Evolutionary psychology is a richly diverse and relatively new perspective in psychology.

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