Ap biology released essays

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Ap biology released essays

In this section, you will have 80 minutes to answer eight questions 2 long and 6 short. Practice is crucial to divide your time efficiently. You will get a ten minute reading period between the multiple choice and free response sections.

During this time you should read the questions and create short outlines to guide your responses. To make the most of these practice questions, take 5 to 10 minutes to read the questions and create an outline.

Then try to answer the questions in minutes each. Long Free Response Practice Question Cellular respiration is a process that occurs in many organisms. A Design a specific experiment to measure the rate of cellular respiration in an organism of your choice.

Identify, isolate, and test one experimental variable in your experiment. Identify any variables that you must control, and explain the apparatus that you will use to measure the cellular respiration. B Construct a graph to report your results, and graph the results that you would expect in your experiment.

C Explain the significance of your results. Example Answer You should immediately realize that this is a question about cellular respiration.

You should draw on your knowledge of this topic to answer the question. Use the organism that you used when completing this lab commonly germinating peas. A Key points to include: Cellular respiration can most easily be measured by consumption of O2 or by the production of CO2.

In this experiment, the volume of O2 consumed by germinating peas will be measured. The experiment will test peas that have been germinating one day vs.

Therefore, the number of days the peas have been germinating will be my experimental variable. I will use an apparatus called a respirometer to measure the amount of O2 consumed.

This device will be submerged underwater with a pipette attached to the end. I will be able to measure the amount of water drawn into the pipette by comparing where the water mark begins and where it ends.

KOH will be added to an absorbent cotton ball and placed on the bottom of the respirometer with a non-absorbent cotton ball in between, so the KOH will not interfere with the experiment.

Because volume must be controlled, I will use glass beads to control the volume differences between the two germinating pea samples. I will place each respirometer in the same tub of water to control temperature between the two germinating pea samples.

Measuring cellular respiration for 30 minutes at intervals of 10 minutes at a time will demonstrate that peas that have been germinating for three days will consume more oxygen through cellular respiration than peas that have been germinating one day.

I will place 20 peas that have been germinating for one day in one respirometer and 20 peas that have been germinating for three days in another respirometer. After a minute equilibration period, I will begin to measure the amount of oxygen consumed at minute intervals for 30 minutes.

I will record results measured by the graduated intervals on the pipette attached to the respirometer. B Key points to include: If there is more than one plot on the graph, you should use a dotted line for one line and a solid line for the other.

Alternatively, you can simply write a short phrase above each line for identification. Here is a sample graph: C Key points to include:Free-Response Questions from the AP Biology Exam Keywords Biology; Free-Response Questions; ; exam resources; exam .

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This shall be worth 40% of your exam grade.

Ap biology released essays

Prompt #1: Biologists are interested in preserving the diversity of . Ap Biology Ecology Essays. 12 December On similar terms to the formation of bicarbonate, when aquatic organisms respire, the carbon dioxide released from them in turn reacts with water to form bicarbonate. We will write a custom essay sample on.

Ap biology released essays

One often mentioned biogeochemical cycle in biology is the carbon cycle. This cycle. AP Biology Free Response Practice Questions April 6, / in AP Biology / by erinnelson.

The second portion of the AP Biology test is the Free Response Section. In this section, you will have 80 minutes to answer eight questions (2 long and 6 short). Practice is crucial to divide your time efficiently.

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